Professional Development

This page includes documents and projects that reflect my professional growth. The documents include: 

Reflection on my Professional Development

There is always something to learn, whether it’s a new technical skill, certification, or even a better way to grow plants. In every aspect of life, learning is what drives us forward. I took to my interests in high school and wanted to get into real estate, which motivated me to get my Real Estate License at 18. I also picked up various certifications during college. There is room for me to grow, and I plan to continue my learning by doing extracurriculars to expand my skills. 

Learning can also be done through your peers. Giving and getting feedback is an essential part of professional development. When I review a project or assignment, I do my best critiques to ensure that I’m giving quality feedback. Sometimes, you need a different perspective, and getting multiple opinions on your work from others can help. My professional development journey has only begun. I plan to continuously learn throughout my career to improve my skills and ability and show commitment in my field.

Feedback Workshop

Here is an example of me providing feedback to a classmate. I explain my reason for each of the suggestions thoroughly, while also providing some examples. 

Real Estate License

I was always interested in real estate. Even in high school, I would look at different properties and calculate EMI’s, equated monthly installments, of potential loans and ROI’s, return on investment, if I were to acquire an asset. Below is my license and a picture with one of my clients, who I helped buy a home for!

Linkedin Certifications

Some supplemental certifications I picked up via Linkedin Learning.

Future Goals

I want to gain more experience talking to audiences and apply myself in leadership roles. My goal is to be fluent in speeches and presentations and lead by example. I plan to apply for community service, which requires leadership and public speaking. I aim to expand my public speaking skills, leadership skills, and professional skills. I will apply for more certifications, including the CPA certification, in the future to increase my set of technical and essential skills. I also want to apply to many internships and gain experience in my field with accounting, auditing, and business.

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