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This page includes some of my Visual and Speaking documents and what I have learning while collaborating with different teams on multiple projects. The projects include: 

Reflection on my Speaking Skills

As an extrovert, I have always been confident about my speaking skills. I enjoy interpersonal communication face-to-face and have a fairly easy time adjusting to different situations. My speaking skills have been enhanced through working at Target as a front-end associate and my time now as a Real Estate Agent. As a Target employee, I spoke with hundreds of people daily but only at base-level conversations. During my time as a Real Estate Agent, I’ve had to be more personal with my clients to build a relationship of trust. 

When it comes to public speaking, I do relatively well while still being nervous. I have considerable experience speaking in front of a classroom through debates, speeches, and presentations. I enjoy the challenge of speaking in front of large audiences and find it rewarding after performing competently. During my time in my Business Communications class, I had to collaborate with a team to make a presentation on for-profit companies. I had the idea to go above and beyond and also make a brochure to hand out before the presentation, listing the companies we chose to talk about and giving the audience something to follow along with on top of the presentation.

Team Business Presentation

People tend to retain more of the information given first and last due to the primacy and recency effect. This meant that my job as the introduction and conclusion part of our Business Communication presentation was the most important. We were asked to pick two for-profit companies that are making positive community impacts, using one of the UN Sustainability Development goals and educate the audience on their practices. I was pleased with our presentation, but there are improvements I would like to make. The biggest change that I would like to make going forward is slowing down my rate of speech, as I tend to speak too fast and gloss over important words/phrases that deserve emphasis. 

During the conclusion, I should slow down and call back on the important information during the presentation so that it can stick with the audience. I should also have mentioned the brochure again, to call their attention back to the two companies while revisiting the important information verbally. 

Introduction Slide


Quinccia Practice Interview

Quinccia is an online platform that uses AI to help practice interviews and gives feedback on improvements that can be made. It has been a great help in preparing for common interview questions and making minor changes that can lead to a big difference.

Interview Analysis

I need to practice slowing down my rate of speech and taking a pause before answering, which will help in reducing the number of filler words I use.

Thinking before I speak will also help increase my answer length for the required questions. 

My confidence and analytical levels are at good levels, but I can work on being less tentative in presenting myself to appear more competent.

Although micro expressions are hard to control, I need to work on not showing as much anger and fear when answering my questions and be more joyful.

I also must prioritize not exceeding the 75% eye contact mark to make the interviewer not feel uncomfortable.

While I mention enough technical skills, I can work on incorporating more essential skills into my answers.

My enthusiasm varied based on the questions, I can work on keeping my enthusiasm at a higher level regardless of the question.

Model Home Video

As a Realtor, I had many clients asking about the city of Aubrey and what the homes there are like. I created this visual to post on my social media, showing a model home in Aubrey. This not only gives a visual to my clients but also helps promote my Real Estate brand.

Business Card

One of the first few things I bought as a Realtor was my business cards. It took some time to get the right color scheme and appropriate information on the card, but eventually, I came up with this design.

This is the business card I currently use, but once I need more, I will revise the color scheme to make it more appealing.

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